The Collection


Less and more. Deceptive and sincere. Strict and exuberant. Miniluxury is an always precious collection, in 9 kt gold and diamonds, that plays with contradictions.


Crop 4 copia


A precious collection of gold and diamonds. Dedicated to beautiful and promising events that unexpectedly enter into our lives.

Surprising insights leading to unpredicted pleasures. Accidental discoveries and drastic turns of destiny which change your life forever. Cosmos-inspired shapes orbiting around your heart.

A sublime collection which molds creativity into the pure class of fretwork designs, playing lights and shadows, veiled and unveiled: the excitement of sudden feelings of intense happiness.



Gold and diamond studs, the easy to wear precious line.

Coming soon in english.

Stella Polare

Two tiny icons representing the special people in our lives. The North Star is dedicated to those “who are always there for you”.

The ducal flower is for those who support and inspire you to pursue your dreams.

A contemporary classic for anyone who has fashion in the mind and style in the heart.